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Where we came from...

Fall's Gamer Expo actually begun as a gaming tournament based event. We held our first event in August of 2019 at Maniac's Mansion in Wichita Falls, Texas. We had originally planned to host 4 different tournaments; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7 & Street Fighter 5. After 3 months of prep time and advertising, we had 12 people register for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament ONLY! We had to cancel 3 of our 4 tournaments. Despite this, we still held a fairly successful tournament given the size, was provided ample amounts of feedback and ultimately decided to push forward with future events.

Where we are going...

After our first event in 2019, as well as hosting a few small tournaments afterwards, we decided to change the format of our event. Pushing forward into the future, we will be host to a convention style event, focusing mostly on Gaming & Pop-culture. We may still be the host to 2nd party tournaments down the road, however, we at Fall's Gamer Expo wanted to appeal to a more broad spectrum of the gaming community as a whole. This is the reason for the change of event format and we look forward to the future with excitement in our hearts to provide an amazing event each and every year to the Texoma region. 

A message from our Founder...

Fall's Gamer Expo is an event built by individuals of the surrounding community. We have come together to create something that we are all truly passionate about and care deeply for. Not that long ago, this event seemed to be a simple pipe dream, something I wished to do one day but never thought it would happen. However, thanks to the support and love of friends, family & the local community, Fall's Gamer Expo has become a true reality and I can't be more excited and thankful for that. For the first time in my life, I have felt truly connected to a community and I want to share that feeling with others through my own personal passions. I want to provide an event that people from all over can attend, meet new friends and make great new memories. So thank you to the everyone involved in putting FGX together and making it the best event it can possibly be, as well as a big thank you to those of you who show interest and attend our event each year, you are the reason I have traveled this road to begin with. You have my sincerest and deepest gratitude.

     - Eric Conroy / Founder Fall's Gamer Expo

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Fall's Gamer Expo


Fall's Gamer Expo is 3-Day Gaming / Pop Culture convention held once a year in Wichita Falls, Texas. We strive to provide the Texoma Region with the best gaming content around, reaching a broad variety of Video Game and Pop Culture fans. We look forward to all the fans that come out to our convention each year, and we strive to make each event bigger & better than the last. Thank you to our community and the surrounding areas for their support and love.