Tournament Format


Qualification Phase


Qualification Phase is the beginning of the tournament, leading up to Semi-Finals. All brackets are "Double-Elimination", so if you lose your first match, don't give up, you still have a chance to win it all! In the event that large amounts of competitors sign up, we will divide everyone into various pools to help manage and streamline the competition.




The top 2 players from each Qualification Phase bracket will progress to a new bracket leading up to Semi-finals and ultimately the Finals. Losses from the previous round carry over to the Semi-Finals round creating a Winner's Bracket and Loser Bracket for this round. The top 2 players of the Winner's Bracket & Loser's Bracket will advance to their bracket's Finals. 




The Finals follow up with the results of the Semi-finals. This is the final showdown of the remaining players, ultimately leading up to the Grand Finals. Last player standing is crowned champion.


Prize Pool


Go for the Gold!


Making it to the top takes a lot of patience, determination & practice, but if you got what it takes then let your gameplay do the talking. Our Prize Pool is distributed to the Top 8 competitors of the tournament. It's broken down as 50/15/10/7/5/5/4/4. As an example, if the prize pool is $1,000 then the winnings will be split:

1st - $500, 2nd - $150, 3rd - $100, 4th - $70, 5th - $50/$50, 7th - $40/$40

So bring your "A" game and get your practice on and see if you can walk away with some cold, hard cash!