Tournament Rules


General Rules

​The following are rules pertaining to general attendance of the tournament, as well as rules put in place to help us keep competitors and staff members safe. Please make sure to read these rules through and adhere to them when you are attending any event/s hosted by Fall's Gamer Expo.


     - FGX has a zero tolerance policy for harassment or discrimination. This can include but is not limited to: sexual harassment, bullying, physical harassment, fighting, verbal abuse, racist remarks & comments, sexist remarks & comments, age discrimination. We want to make a safe and hassle free environment for everyone so please make sure to treat each other with the utmost respect. Anyone caught violating our harassment policy will be disqualified from the tournament and removed from the event.  

     - Cleaning up after yourself is important. Make sure not to leave trash or food laying around. The venue is a publicly owned building and other individuals and groups use it constantly. We need to make sure we take care of it so they are willing to welcome us back every year. Help us keep FGX clean. 

     - Equipment is expensive and sometimes it may not even belong to FGX or the venue. Please take care of all equipment that is used during the event: Game consoles, controllers, monitors & televisions, projectors, tables, chairs and any other equipment that may either belong to FGX, the venue or the individual that provided it. 

Competition rules

The following is a list of rules that apply to the actual competition, more specifically game settings and other additional rules you should know to be a competitor at FGX.


      All participants must registered before the designated deadline. No competitors will be admitted at the door or after the tournament has already begun.

            - Registration fees are non-refundable & non-transferable. 

            - Registration is accomplished through A link is provided on our registration page and will be accessible once registration has officially opened. 


            - Bracket seeding is completely randomized, please do not ask us to change the brackets.

            - The bracket is setup in a "double-elimination" format. Losing 1 time places you in the Loser's bracket of the tournament and losing 2 times eliminates you from the tournament. Losses will carry over into each phase of the tournament: Qualification phase, Semi-Finals & Finals.


            - All FGX events will be "Bring your own controller"

            - 3 Stock

            - Timer: 7 Minutes

            - Handicap: Off

            - Launch Rate: 1.0x

            - Items: Off and None

            - FS Meter: Off

            - Damage Handicap: Off

            - Custom Balance: Off

            - Spirits: Off

            - Stage Hazards: Off

            - Stage Morph: Off

            - Underdog Boost: Off

            - Score Display: Off

            - Show Damage: Yes

            - Radar: Small

            - Echo Fighters: Separate

            - Mii fighters are permitted with any combination of specials

            - Games will be best 2 out of 3 for Qualification Phase

            - Games will be best 3 out of 5 for Semi-Finals, Finals & Grand Finals (Top 8)

     Stage Selection

          Starter Stages

            - Battlefield 

            - Final Destination

            - Pokemon Stadium 2

            - Smashville

            - Small Battlefield 

        Counterpick Stages

             - Town & City

            - Kalos Pokemon League

            - Lylat Cruise

            - Yoshi's Story

        Stage Clauses

            - Winner of previous game will ban 3 stages

            - Players are NOT allowed to counterpick to most recent stage that they won on.